Links to published (and unpublished work)

Links to some of my work available for download:

Papers published in refereed journals:

"In which currency should exporters set their prices?", 1998, Journal of International Economics 45, 59-76.

"Openness and exchange rate exposure of national stock markets", 1999, International Journal of Finance and Economics 4, 55-62, with S. Nydahl.

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Risk and ambiguity in 10-Ks:An examination of cash holding and derivatives use”, 2017, Journal of Corporate Finance 45, 608-631 with T. Seiler.

Pass-through by multiproduct firms”, 2018, International Journal of the Economics of Business, 1-31, with A. Romahn.

"Exchange rate risk and the skill composition of labor”, 2020, Review of World Economics 156, 287–312, with M. Sanctuary.

"All the bottles in one basket? Evaluating the effect of intra-industry product diversification on risk", 2021, Long Range Planning, 54.

Hump-shaped cross-price effects and the extensive margin in cross-border shopping", forthcoming, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, with F. Steen and S. Ulsaker.

Matched trade at the firm level and the micro origins of international business-cycle comovement”, forthcoming, International Journal of Finance and Economics, with M. Sanctuary.

"Different ways of managing risk as reported in 10-Ks: A supervised learning approach", forthcoming, Financial Review, with T. Seiler.


“Exchange rates and the firm: Strategies to manage exposure and the impact of EMU”, 1999, (London: Macmillan Press Ltd; New York, St Martin's Press Inc.). Chapter 1 introduces the issues. In particular chapter 14 looks pretty good in hindsight...

"Managing risk and uncertainty: A strategic approach", 2015, (Cambridge MA: MIT Press).

Some other published work

"Exchange rate uncertainty and microeconomic benefits from the EMU", 1997, Swedish Economic Policy Review 4, 547-594, with A. Vredin.

"Linkages between competition and inflation", 1998, Sveriges Riksbank Quarterly Review 3, 50-73, with M. Asplund.

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“Transparency and goods market integration”, 2014, in Jens Forsbaeck and Lars Oxelheim (eds.), Handbook of Economic and Institutional Transparency, Oxford University Press.

Bokanmälan av Birgitta Swedenborg (red): Svensk ekonomisk politik - då, nu och i framtiden. "En festskrift utöver det normala", 2015, Ekonomisk Debatt nr 5, 63-66.

"Different strategies for dealing with risk and uncertainty", 2015, The European Financial Review, October-November 45-48.

Some older unpublished work (that I still like...):

"Menu costs and asymmetric price adjustment", with T Ellingsen and J. Hassler.

"Variability and average profits: Does Oi's result generalize?" with K. Martensen.

“Using Demand Systems to Evaluate Risky Projects: An Application to the Automobile Industry”, with C. Huse.