Welcome to Richard Friberg's homepage

I am the Jacob Wallenberg Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics. My research focuses on imperfectly competitive markets (Industrial Organization) with an emphasis on investigating responses by firms to uncertainty and various risks, in particular exchange rate risk. I teach microeconomics at the undergraduate level and Industrial Organization at the PhD level. I am also affiliated (Professor II) with NHH in Bergen. A CV is available here.

My book "Managing Risk and Uncertainty" is especially close to my heart. Much of my other work is available for downloading here.

Some representative work:

"The law of one price in Scandinavian duty-free stores", 2001, American Economic Review 91, 1072-1083 with M. Asplund.

"Exchange rate exposure in differentiated product industries: A simulation approach", 2007, Journal of Finance LXIIM, 2475-2502, with M. Ganslandt.

"Different ways of managing risk as reported in 10-Ks: A supervised learning approach", 2021, Financial Review, with T. Seiler.

"Digitalisering och konkurrens," with S. Nyberg, B. Lundqvist and R. Teigland, SNS, 2021 (In Swedish: Digitalization and competition).

"Hump-shaped cross-price effects and the extensive margin in cross-border shopping" , with F. Steen and S.A. Ulsaker, 2022, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics.

"Corporate responses to stock price fragility", with K.W. Hankins and I. Goldstein, R&R, Journal of Financial Economics.

For contact details, please see my homepage at SSE.

Last updated: June 2022.